LED Dimmer Controller | 12v DC 30a LED PWM Dimmer Switch

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With your new Sick Diesel LED lights installed, the only thing left is being able to control their power. That’s where our Dimmer Controller comes in! This 12V DC 30a LED voltage controller gives you complete power over the brightness of your new lights. So whether you're looking for a subtle glow, or want to go full-force with your LED glare, our handy dimmer controller makes it easy. 

This dimmer is super easy to hook up to your lights and provides a continuous, controlled voltage output. Just turn up the brightness to your liking on the controller, and that's it! This switch gives you total intensity control over your LEDs, ranging from 0-100% so you can turn your glow up exactly the way you like. Just 3.3” x 2.4” in size, our dimmer controller is compact enough to fit comfortably in your truck, but sizeable enough for easy access and control.

Our dimmer controller boasts a rapid heat dissipation design to provide consistent cooling to its internal hardware, ensuring that this box does not overheat with continued use. The rapid heat dissipation design guarantees a safe and consistent performance. This dimmer switch comes in a strong metal shell for extra protection of internal hardware, and an OFF switch to turn its functions off completely if necessary.

We recommend this dimmer controller to everyone who is buying, or already has a Sick Diesel light installed on their truck. It’s the perfect way to gain 100% control over your truck's glow, so you can ride through the night with a glow that matches your style.

What’s in the Package?

  • One LED dimmer controller

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