About Us

The Sick Diesel Gear History:

Sick Diesel was founded in 2017, by Sarasota businessman Steve Conner. Steve started out selling highly modified trucks from his local truck shop. After seeing an overwhelming demand for better and faster truck upgrades, he set out to find a way to help people enhance their rides from home, at the same quality, without breaking the bank. Steve wanted to make upgrades more accessible for truck owners, without compromising on any of the benefits they would have received from coming in-shop.

That’s when his vision for Sick Diesel Gear was born. Steve had a goal of creating the perfect custom products to enhance custom-built trucks. He wanted his customers to have an easy installation experience without needing any heavy modifications or custom building necessary. Most importantly, he wanted to provide truck owners with long-lasting high-quality lighting solutions that would make their vehicles instantly stand out on the road.

In 2022, Tom Suplee joined Steve on his mission of bringing quality LED lighting and accessories to truck owners. With Tom’s extensive experience in business development and Steve’s experience in modification and product development, they formed a dynamic team. Together, Steve and Tom share the same core values and are on a mission together to develop innovative products never before seen in the custom truck industry.

Sick Diesel Gear has since grown into a major powerhouse that offers nothing but the best quality truck lights, products, and accessories! All of the current products we offer are based on the same principles Steve had back in 2017. As we continue to grow, develop new products, and reach more customers, the idea we started with remains the same. We are committed to empowering our customers with the best in truck upgrades. We proudly offer only top-of-the-line products and unbeatable value that are sure to make a lasting impact on any vehicle upgrade project.


Our Processes:

At Sick Diesel, we take pride in being a home-grown brand with all our products designed and manufactured locally. We are passionate about producing high-quality gear for truck owners around the country. Our processes blend the best of local manufacturing with design and innovation that is highly unique to our brand.

All of our lights start as prototypes in our design lab. We first use a specially developed machine to measure the grill on OEM trucks. Then, aluminum frames are run through a mental bending machine to get them into the exact shape they are needed in. Finally, these frames are coated and anodized. Anodization is an important step we take with our frames, to ensure our customers get the highest quality products. During this electrochemical process, we treat the metal surface of our frames to be highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and decorative. And finally, the lights are ready!

All of our products undergo a rigorous quality control process after their completion, to ensure that only the best products are shipped out to our customers. Ever since our initial opening in 2017, we’ve remained committed to local design and manufacturing, to be in complete oversight and control of our products.

What We Stand For:

Our core values are the TAPE that holds us together:

TRUST – Our customers must be able to believe what we tell them. Every time we do what we say we will do, we build trust and increase the flow and efficiency of doing business with them. Trust brings us referrals and builds our business. Our team members must trust each other and believe in each other to do their job well so everyone can be successful.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We must hold ourselves to be accountable to our customers and each other. Poor performance by one negatively affects many others, especially our customers.

POSITIVITY – A positive attitude draws people in, and a negative one pushes people away. Positivity energizes our customers and ourselves to be better and accomplish more. Positivity makes people happy.

EXCELLENT – We hold ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else. “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary. We consistently perform quality repairs and do them faster than anyone else because that is what our clients expect and that is how we dominate our market.


The Sick Diesel Difference:


One-Of-A-Kind Designs:

Every single light we sell is exclusively designed by us. Add a touch of originality to your ride with a set of custom-made LED lights.


Fast Deliveries:

We ship out every order we receive within 3-5 business days so that you can start flashing your upgraded truck in no time.


High-Quality Production:

Our rigorous quality control process ensures that all of the products we ship out match our highly-set production standards.


Unmatched Customer Service:

Our customers are at the forefront of our business and we strive to provide an exceptional level of support throughout their entire shopping experience. 


Affordable Prices:

We are committed to giving everyone access to unbeatable-quality LED truck lights, without breaking the bank.


Our Promise to You: 

At Sick Diesel Gear, we strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence in each and every product we offer. Our commitment is reflected in our superior selection of durable truck accessories at affordable prices – all backed by a dependable customer service team that puts your needs first.