Perfect for family adventures

Ideal party-starter

500 lbs loading capacity

Effortless beach experience

Effortless beach experience

Customize with name or logo

Keeps your essentials organized

Beach days made effortless

Tired of lugging your equipment up and down the beach? Got too many drinks on hand? Looking for a sand-friendly transport solution?

Meet the Beach Butler

Designed to keep life simple.

Modern Solutions from Sick Surf:

The Beach Butler boasts all the latest technologies to guarantee a fun-filled day. From powerful batteries to uphill driving, to a personal umbrella holder, it has it all.

Check out everything the Beach Butler has to offer:

Looking to make beach days a breeze?

  • Struggling with lugging equipment up and down the beach?
  • Taking multiple trips to bring your gear down to the sand?
  • Want to keep your essentials organized all day long?

The Beach Butler is here to help! Just load all your gear into the cart, and let your electric wagon take it from there.

Get It Customized

  • Buying a Beach Butler? Make it your own by getting it customized, with no extra costs!*
  • Print your brand logo, slogan, or personal design on the sides, and stand out from the crowd.
  • *Upon purchasing a Beach Butler, we’ll customize it to your liking at no additional costs.

    The Beach Butler Means Business

    The Beach Butler is now available for leasing at $600 / month. Contracts start at 3 months, with 6 and 12-month lease agreements also possible.

    We’ve done the math for you. Check out your expected returns with different renting plans:

    We provide complimentary promotional literature to all our clients upon signing the lease agreement. Perfect for promoting the Butler among potential renters.

    Now Offering a 30-Day Trial Period

    Now Offering a 30-Day Trial Period

    Want to test out the Beach Butler before making a commitment? Not sure how long to lease for?

    Our 30-day trial period comes with a zero-commitment policy. Try out the Bulter for 30 days for only $600, and decide on the rest later.

    The Perfect Companion for Family Fun

    Always have ice-cold drinks at hand for the entire family. Never worry about losing equipment in the sand again. The Beach Butler keeps your beach days organized, easy, and fun for the whole family.

    Get your personal Beach Butler today

    Bring the shade with you, with it’s side umbrella holders

    Give your back a rest by letting your personal butler do the carrying

    Sit back and relax with child safety mode on for family-friendly fun

    Find the perfect spot on the beach, without dragging your gear across the sand

    Smooth Sailing All-Day Long

    Let the Beach Butler take the hard work out of your hands while you relax in the sun and sand. Experience the benefits of a personal electric butler, all day long

    Keep cool under an umbrella on hot days. The Beach Butler boasts upright and side umbrella holders for easy carrying and cool shade all day long.

    Make your Butler your own, by customizing it with your name, logo, or design of choice.

    Use the child safety switch to disable the Beach Butler when needed. Keep your kids safe and happy all day long.

    Say goodbye to extra trips up and down the sand, and hello to effortless beach days. Let the Beach Butler do the work for you.

    Haul equipment through all kinds of terrain. Power through the sand with sturdy wheels, and bring your equipment uphill with ease.

    Getting Specific

    Get to know the ins and out’s of the Beach Butler, so you’re ready to start rolling.

    • The Beach Butler is a 48V Li-Ion All Electric Brushless motor system, powered by one or two 2Ah/4Ah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries.

    • It has the power to haul equipment uphill (up to 15° degrees).

    • The wagon has a Max Working Capacity of 500 lbs and a Hauling Capacity of 1000 lbs.

    • It boasts 6 cu.ft of loading capacity.

    Ready to Roll?

    Lease Now For $600/month

    Get on a leasing program that suits you! Whether your looking to rent out Beach Butlers all year long or just in the summertime, we’ve got you covered.

    Or Buy For $2,399

    Want to make your Butlers your own? Looking to get it customized for your brand? Now you can!

    Call us: (844) 742-9489